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2nd SmartEnCity Newsletter
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Dear Readers,

It is our pleasure to introduce the second issue of the SmartEnCity newsletter. As the project approaches the end of its first year, we have a lot to report already. Although intensive work is being carried out in our three Lighthouse cities (and you will find updated information about this progress in this newsletter), we wanted to highlight in this issue our two follower cities, Asenovgrad and Lecce. We hope that the information we are providing here helps you to learn a bit more about these cities and their efforts towards sustainability.

SmartEnCity has also been, from the first day, very active on the communication front. Through presence in events and conferences, in social media or through our website, we are trying our best to make our efforts and achievements visible for cities and citizens to get inspired. This includes the activities of the SmartEnCity Network for small and medium-sized European cities. In this issue we present an update of activities of our Network, as well as a short overview of some of our communication actions, past and future as well, so if you happen to be around in one of the coming ones, just come and say hi, and maybe ask us a question or two. Also, make sure to visit our website www.smartencity.eu and follow us on twitter @ SmartEnCity for fast progress updates and news.

Last, but not least at all, SmartEnCity is partnering with the other eight current Lighthouse projects to join efforts to achieve even more impact together. We will be soon able to send more detailed information your way. Keep in touch!

Francisco Rodríguez Pérez-Curiel and Silvia Urra Uriarte
Project Coordinators of SmartEnCity, TECNALIA Research & Innovation

Get to know the SmartEnCity Follower Cities

Asenovgrad (Bulgaria)

Asenovgrad is situated in the Province of Plovdiv along the two banks of the river Assenitsa.
Facing the Rhodope Mountains on the one hand and the Thracian Lowland at the other, it is an attractive place to live for more than 68, 000 inhabitants plus the city has ambitious aims: In 2011, Asenovgrad joined the Covenant of Mayors, striving towards energy efficient solutions and environmentally aware citizens.

Lecce (Italy)

Lecce is a medium sized city, located in Apulia and also called the “Florence of the Italian South”.
With its beautiful historic centre with rich Baroque architecture it is a popular tourist destination.
But Lecce is more: It is an experienced promoter of green energy solutions and therefore a natural follower of the SmartEnCity ideas.

News and Highlight from the Lighthouse Cities
Vitoria-Gasteiz – Opening of the citizen information office

Vitoria-Gasteiz was busy spreading the project aims and activities to the public and getting the citizens of the demo area Coronación involved: In October 2016, the citizen information office opened its doors in Pintoreria Street. As a central place for information about the project and the retrofitting measures, it offers residents and citizens the opportunity to find all kinds of material, facts and figures about the current and future activities.Also in October, SmartEnCity partner VISESA organised an exhibition at the Aldabe Civic Center in the neighbourhood of Coronación, explaining building refurbishment solutions depending on the initial buildings characteristics. Presenting “before and after” images, the visitors could get an insight about preliminary projects carried out for the energy rehabilitation of buildings. Read more.
Tartu – Art meets tenements and the University opens its gates

During the last months, technical issues were in the focus of the activities within the lighthouse city of Tartu. But apart from this, two highlights have taken place:

Tartu arranged a very successful art competition: More than 50 designers and artists from Estonia and abroad came up with ideas on how to convert the Khrushchev-era buildings into modern, liveable places taking into account the specific context of the buildings The other highlight is the launch of the new lecture series “Planning an energy-efficient city”, which is organised by the city of Tartu in close cooperation with the University of Tartu. The lectures are focussing on related topics; they are open to students and the public alike and feature local and international speakers. Read more...
Sonderborg – first round of retrofitting completed

SmartEnCity Lighthouse City Sonderborg has carried out a bundle of activities during the second six month period:
The residents of the 88 apartments of the housing association SOBO are celebrating the completion of the first round of retrofitting. Since the end of September 2016, they can benefit from new rooftop integrated solar plates, low energy window panels and an automatic heating control system. And just before Christmas, the outdoor lighting has been switched to LED light.
In terms of smart mobility and electric vehicles, Sonderborg is playing a pioneering role: The implementation of intelligent chargers made Sonderborg an international forerunner. Read more...